Run Spindles, Draw the Thread, Run Spindles, Run, 2023

Hand-coloured etching – unique
Sheet/image: 77.8 x 61 cm

As a visual artist, Pacheco was drawn to POEM 64 by the Roman poet, Catallus – by its many dazzling scenes and the almost cinematic way in which time, place and mood shift, and expectations are raised and dashed. The poem touches on subjects and themes that permeate her graphic work: the labyrinth and the Minotaur, the place of women in Greek myth and the notion of heroism, for instance . . . In collaboration with Robert Bush, who has recently completed a new translation of POEM 64, Pacheco is currently working on a new collection of paintings in tempera for an Artist’s Book in which a reproduction of each of the paintings will appear alongside a selected extract from the Poem in both Latin and new translation. The Artist’s Book will be accompanied by a second volume of the Poem in full. Publication date to be announced late 2024.