Study for Sculpture, 2018

Triptych Monotype
Each sheet: 59 x 56 cm

For every major sculpture Pacheco produces there is a considerable body of work on paper that represents what she describes as her ‘circumnavigation’. The triptych monotype Study for Sculpture is the first stage in this process for a piece with the working title ‘Remember’. A central scene of suffering and compassion is flanked on one side by onlookers, some cowering, praying or even self-flagellating, and on the other by victims caught in a thicket of barbed wire. There are echoes of other art – Goya’s flagellants and innumerable deposition scenes, for instance – and of Pacheco’s own preoccupying themes – the causes of and responses to suffering. To judge from her other ‘circumnavigations’, these configurations will continue to evolve. In addition to their intrinsic power, these works enable us to witness a potent creative mind in action.