White Wings of Time Passing: Songs for a man on whom the sun has gone down

Artist’s Book, 2004
Inkjet on Somerset Velvet Enhanced 255gsm with printed collage on hand-made papers
Page: 20.7cm x 20cm
Full linen case binding

The title and subtitle of this book come from Ezra Pound’s Canto 74. In May 1945 Ezra Pound was imprisoned in a cage at a U.S. detention camp outside Pisa. While there he began his Pisan Cantos. The Cantos as a whole has a loosely Odyssean structure and is created by fragments of quotations, memories, translations, meditations, assertions; they are sometimes wonderfully lyrical and at others harshly polemical. Awkward juxtapositions of language and subject compel the reader to see things in new, surprising, and sometimes uncomfortable ways. Fragments of text from the Pisan Cantos and Homer’s Odyssey hover over the images of imprisonment and the voyage, the dual themes of this book.