With Your Eyes Full of Flowers I-XXII, 2023

Twenty-two 2-plate drypoints plus Title Sheet
Title Sheet and Plate XVIII with digital chine colle
Printed in editions of 8 on Somerset Velvet soft white, 300gsm
Signed in pencil, lower margin
Plate: 41 x 34 cm

These drypoints take as their starting point Allen Ginsberg’s long poem, Kaddish. Written between 1957 and 1959, Kaddish is a lament for his mother, Naomi, who had died in 1956. It is a long, complicated poem which is both a biography of his mother and an autobiography of the teenage Ginsberg as he watched and tried to cope with his mother’s increasingly severe psychosis and the journeys with her to and from mental hospitals.

It is a poem contorted with grief, anguish, and guilt. It is also about the immigrant experience in early 20th century New York, the disillusionment of left-wing political idealism, and a disillusionment with the American Dream.